Juice Fasting – Just How Good is it For You? by M. Kuehn

 Juice fasting is big. All the A listers are doing it. Muddy, gloopy and pond like, I guess they hold their nose and get on with it. Before you cover up the ears of the latest juicer in defence, I am not against them totally, but I do believe a few myths have to be dispelled and a few home truths be told.
If you are juicing just fruit, to my mind it is fairly pointless, unless like me, to my shame, you don’t eat enough fruit on a daily basis. The whole fruit is much more nutritious and is a great way to graze throughout the day in between meals. Remember most fruit is pretty high in natural sugars.
Juice fasting is not sustainable as a ‘diet.’ You’ll only put the weight straight back on – probably more as with most crash diets your metabolism goes into starvation mode. It’s a nonsense frankly.
In addition, with practically no fibre in you, you are likely to experience constipation and with such a drastic change to your diet, stomach and head aches are not infrequent.
We need fibre, protein, and essential unsaturated fats to create a BALANCED diet.
I hate fads. Always have done. My friends whose shelves are groaning with the latest diet sensation, are steadily getting bigger every year.
It’s the relationship with food that you have to examine, not taking up these ludicrous,. unnecessary and expensive short cuts to attaining that magical figure. Have a glass of wine, indulge in some gooey chocolate cake, have a slice of saucisson sec, dive into a dollop of Epoisse – just don’t do if with Billy Bunter’s Gargantuan appetite. Aye, there’s the rub.

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