Goat on The Fulham Road by M. Kuehn

pizza with san daniele and burrata
Tuna tartar with wasabi mousse
The Fulham road is awash with very shi shi restaurants, people reeking of pots of cash and designer clad babies wearing amber ‘teething’ necklaces.
It’s also home to a smart looking restaurant called Goat, the menu of which seemed to have been written especially for me. Bass ‘cooked’ in citrus juices, beef carpaccio and tuna tartar being three of my favourite dishes in the culinary spectrum meant choosing a place for lunch a rapid decision.
My friend, being a big fan of pizza and burrata, a creamy version of mozzarella, had no hesitation in ordering toppings of prosciutto San Daniele, burrata and rocket with a basil reduction (£14).
I decided to go for the carpaccio (£9) and the tuna tartar, (£8) especially as the latter was served with wasabi mousse.
A pale PInot Grigot blush, la maglia rosa arrived in a 500ml carafe (£16) – a wine of bright summer fruits, delicate floral notes and a crisp acidity with a beautiful dry finish. Terrific start.
My carpaccio arrived, handsome as hell. Just cutting into it with my knife I knew I was in a for a very good mouthful. Wafer thin, dusted with shaves of truffle, perky rocket and tangy parmesan, I was like a pig in the proverbial.
The pizza arrived and again, was a lovely thing to behold. An appropriately thin and quite delicious  base (I tried in vain to get the recipe) was topped with generous slices of San Daniele, pools of burrata, spankingly fresh rocket and a hint of basil. Together it was just superb, no two ways about it. I don’t think I’ve seen burrata on a pizza in the UK, of that I’m pretty sure.
My tuna arrived, perhaps a little mean on the portion size but the delicate ‘pearls’ of fish were soft, without a doubt sashimi grade and quite delectable. If I have a small gripe it would be about the mousse. No heat whatsoever which was a tad disappointing but flavoursome none the less.
The service was extremely pleasant, the seating outside spacious and comfortable and so Goat is a place I would come back to in a heart beat. Some of you may be reeling at the price of the pizza, (the bill came to £52 including service) but it comes back to my way of thinking about great food – it’s hard to come by and if I get presented with near perfection (and don’t let’s forget the rent in that part of London) I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the price.
Bravo to them.

020 7352 1384

Incidentally, if you wish to try this lush wine, you can buy it from the website business below – they have a bin end sale on so hurry.

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