Rose Hip Vodka by M. Kuehn

Every time I visit my great friends Ben and Miranda, I am sure to go come away with something delicious and home made.

Much to my delight. this time is was rose hip vodka, a sweet nectar that a sudden feeling of bonhomie had me sharing with a group of friends on my birthday. A mistake not to be repeated. The collective oooohs and aaaahs were a joy to listen to – I have a list of people for whom I have to make this divine drop, and make it I shall.

TIP The best time to pick hose rips, according to my friend and gardener extraordinaire Fi, is in September. Those picked now will not be any good for use in recipes.

All you need to do is to fill an empty large jar with an equal weight of rose hips to sugar. Pour in the vodka of your choice (being Polish I of course gravitate toward Zytnia ) and leave for about four months. Strain through a very fine sieve and serve ice cold as a digestif.  Oh joy, oh joy.

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