Extra Virgin Rape Seed Chive Oil by Fiona Jack

Extra Virgin Rape Seed Chive Oil by Fiona Jack

Rape seed oil has soared in sales. This buttery oil has half the saturated fat of most cooking oils, and when my good pal and gardener extraordinaire Fiona gave me this edible gift, I was sniffing it like a glue junkie.

It’s easy to make and the fragrance is just wonderful. Drizzle over simply baked fish, poached eggs, seafood soups or as part of a salad dressing.

TIP Use the above oil, British and 100% cold pressed rape seed oil

Pick a huge handful of chives, (in the morning preferably) dry them with some kitchen towel and snip into a large and wide jar of oil. Refrigerate and let the chives infuse into the oil for three days. Use a soup stick to macerate the oil, pour the oil into a jug through some muslin and choose a pretty glass container to give as a gift or serve at the dinner table. The little things in life.

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