Green olive tapenade by M. Kuehn

Green olive tapenade by M. Kuehn

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Salty, earthy and grown up is what I call tapenade. I could dive in all day. Even people who don’t like anchovies are converted when they gently scoop a little pile onto a parmesan shortbread or a sourdough biscuit such as the superior offering from Peter’s Yard.

TIP Play around with this recipe. Respond to your taste buds. Purists would tut at the amount of garlic that I use but then again I don’t give a hoot. Don’t scrimp on the olives either.

50gr can of anchovies in olive oil.

2 fat cloves of garlic

12 large green Italian olives (cerignola if you can get them)

2 tbs of small capers

5 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

small handful of flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped

2 tbs lemon juice

black pepper

Place everything in a food processor 9including the anchovy oil)  and whizz for one minute. Stop halfway if necessary  and scrape the tapenade down and switch on again. Place the tapenade in a screw top jar. It will keep for a week in the fridge.




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