Lamb Bhuna Spice Mix from Parveen the Spice Queen by Michael Goss

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One thing I’ve learned about lockdown, apart from the fact I can grow a rather distinguished beard, is that it’s becoming a tad redundant producing restaurant reviews when many are shut down indefinitely. However, with so many chefs now working from home I was delighted to receive a Twitter message pop-up from Parveen Ashraf offering to send me one of her spice mixes to try at home.

A few days later her Lamb Bhuna spice mix and recipe card arrived through the post.

Her recipe was somewhat simplified from her TV cooking method but the easy to follow instructions made it ideal for anyone who is time poor or cooking Indian food for the first time.

Rather than spending a long time browning the onions or part cooking the meat Parveen’s recipe is more of a one pot dish with the spices added in. Most important are the repeated stages of adding liquid and reducing. This really serves to deepen, intensify and concentrate the flavours into the meat and sauce, giving you a truly authentic and aromatic dish. Finally I couldn’t help but add a little more fresh coriander than Parveen suggested including an additional garnish at the end. Even reducing the amount of meat suggested by Parveen I still had enough for around six servings.

I accompanied this with some Shana Parathas cooked in Dairy Valley Ghee to scoop up the delicious Bhuna along with some steamed Tilda Basmati rice on the side.

There was still enough left for a third meal this time bulked out with potato and carrot, a little added water and then reduced down to preserve the intensity and flavour.

I served with a nice cold bottle of German Karl May Weisssburgunder from Laithwaite’s Wine. Made from Pinot Blanc grapes, this rich, creamy, slightly off dry white wine was an excellent accompaniment to the spicy lamb.

Parveen’s spice mixes and recipe cards are available through her website where you can also find details about her book and YouTube channel:

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