Garlic Sauce by M. Kuehn

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Punchy and unctuous with a silky texture, you can dip fat, golden chips into it, smear it on bread as the base of a sandwich, include it as accompaniment to a chicken shawarma, lamb kebab or roast veg.

TIP Pease use the freshest of garlic cloves. Limp, three week old garlic won’t do.

1 medium sized head of garlic

1 medium potato (Maris Piper for example)

juice of a large lemon

1 flat tsp sea salt

150ml grapeseed oil (or any other bland oil)

Peel, halve and place the potato in cold water Bring to the boil and cook for about ten minutes, until done.

Mash and let cool.

Meanwhile make the sauce. Crush the garlic and whizz with the lemon and salt in a food processor for a minuite. Add a tsp of the potato and process, and keep adding until it is all incorporated.

Keep in the fridge in a jar where it will sit happily for a few days.

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