Breakfast in Gracelands cafe – Kensal Green

To my shame, it’s taken years to realise that good restaurants and cafes abound all around me in NW!0 and this morning I made another discovery, Gracelands cafe on College Road in Kensal Green.
Now Sundays are precious to me – working six days a week means that indulgent treats are practically obligatory, so having Eggs Benedict on a Sunday with a mug of builders and the Sunday papers scattered around me seemed like one of my better ideas.
And what a good idea it turned out to be. Gracelands is spacious, welcoming and lays its emphasis on organic and homemade food, all cooked from scratch. The chef popped his head over the counter and informed me that he hadn’t been happy with the eggs so was starting again. Nice touch. I wasn’t in a hurry. A cursory glance at the small but interesting menu told me that the credit card would take a big spanking but I suppose providing high quality ingredients (happy pigs as Nick the chef informed me) in an area that attracts top rents is reflected in the prices charged.
To my generous breakfast. Bright yellow Hollondaise draped over some perfectly cooked large organic eggs nestled nicely on some quite wonderful Wiltshire ham put  a stupid grin on my face that only comes with immense joy at what I’ve thrust into my greedy gob. I have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed with the muffin. A little chewy but everything else was very impressive indeed.
A lot of the punters here are regulars –   there’s a real feeling of relaxation and contentment that makes Gracelands a sure bet for a Sunday morning visit.
I imagine it’s rammed at Sunday lunchtimes with inviting offerings like home made chicken and tarragon pies, roast short rib with star anise and fennel with horseradish mash to tempt you.
As an aside, I have heard great things about The Island, diagonally opposite Gracelands and I noticed a sign saying that on Monday nights you can bring your own wine if you’re dining in the restaurant. Guess where I’ll be going for my tea tomorrow night? Sorted.
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