Nanaimo Bars from The Maple Food Company by Lynne Jeavons-Fellows

‘Licking some chocolate from my fingers as a youngster after devouring yet another of my Mom’s famous Nanaimo Bars, little did I realise  that one day they would be sitting proudly amongst the other delights on offer in the bakery section of Selfridges in Birmingham.I am very proud of being Canadian and of sharing a little bit of British Columbia from a recipe my Mom adapted back in the 1950’s. My mother is a very accomplished cook and was born on Vancouver Island where the recipe was invented in a town called Nanaimo, which is a First Nations’ word meaning ” Great People”. She then came across something else rather tasty – my Dad, an Englishman who taught me the secret of making great Yorkshire Puddings!

So what’s so damn good about this Canadian bar then? Well, It has a base of coconut, nuts and biscuit with a creamy custard middle and is topped off with a layer of premium dark chocolate. This grown-up topping offsets the sweet middle beautifully and the three layers work very well together and have proved a hit with the British public in our taster sessions in the Food Hall of Selfridges. ” A little slice of Heaven” seems to be the most common description bandied about by the general public.
Due to the early success of the Nanaimo bar, plans are already afoot for three more flavours – salted caramel, cherry and peanut butter. My daughter Bec (with whom I am in business)  and I  are terribly excited about the future. From little acorns…..

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