Chicken wrapped in prosciutto crudo by Christian Molinare

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One has to consider oneself fairly fortunate to have an Italian chef staying in one’s gaff. Think how highly delighted I was to be a tester for the recipe he was going to produce for his second interview for Ramsey at Heathrow.
 Christian’s food is simple, rustic and bloody tasty. There is no ‘chefiness’ in what he produces – just a damned fine eating experience. Te salut.
Per person
1 organic chicken breast
2 slices of prosciutto crudo
1good knob of butter
a little olive oil
1 large carrot, sliced
1 pint of  chicken stock
1 glass of white wine
parsley, finely chopped
black pepper
Wrap the chicken in the prosciutto. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the wrapped breast for a minute on each side, pressing down with a spatula to really fry the prosciutto.
Heat the stock and wine in a pan and gently place the chicken in the stock. Simmer for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a pan and add the carrots and a little salt. Put the lid on, cook gently for ten minutes and then add a knob of butter.
Arrange the chicken on a plate, surround with carrots and a little butter juice and finish by sprinkling some very finely chopped parsley on and around the chicken. A good grinding of black pepper and you’re there.
By the way, whilst writing this up he got offered the job. Bravo Christian.

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