The Summerhouse Maida Vale by M. Kuehn

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There is something awfully civilised about Sunday brunch.

Good company is of course de rigeur, but what I most desire when I decide to spend precious time away from café life is a charming setting, exceptional quality and service that is neither intrusive nor lazy.

The Summerhouse is set by the river, is refreshingly spacious and rather elegant.

The menu, simple and well thought out had some nice touches, suitable for both the health conscious and for the likes of me, a devoted carnivore with a Gargantuan appetite.

Both of us opted for the full English; (£16.50) sausages,  award winning bacon, black pudding, mushroom, tomatoes, beans, two eggs and toast.

It arrived swiftly, handsome as hell and a very generous plate of food indeed.

As most of you know, The Lounge in Wembley has held the number one spot for breakfast in London for several months and bloody proud we are too. We do the best we can for the prices that we charge, but we are restricted.

Well, all I can and must say is  chapeau bas to you Summerhouse. I’ve spent many hours in various states of depression over breakfast in supposedly up market eateries, only to feel utterly ripped off and very disgruntled indeed.

Not a bit of it here. The plate shone quality and attention to detail. Every inch of that offering was as near to perfection as I could have asked for. Gorgeous sausages, Ramsey bacon to die for, meaty mushrooms and flavoursome tomatoes. The bread was outstanding and the eggs oozed obligingly onto the plate.

The Summerhouse also has a very appealing seafood menu, as well as a desert lovers dreamy menu.

If I have a small criticism it’s the very high price of some of the wines. The ubiquitous Pinot Grigio for £23.50, the South African Chardonnay for £37 and I really do not understand the fuss about Whispering Angel (yes I am in a minority) for £49. There are so many Provence roses that are just as good if not better for a lot less.

Anyhow, based on our outstanding breakfast, I am certain of one thing. I will be back with a posse of  the most discerning pals for the seafood. It’s a no brainer.

The Summerhouse 0207 286 6752

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