Epoisse – not for the faint hearted by M. Kuehn

Sometimes all you need in life is a hunk of your favourite cheese, some Poilane bread, a glass of wine and a Chopin nocturne tinkling in the background.

Trouble is, if the cheese happens to be Epoisse, what on earth compliments it?
Difficult one. The force of this cheese is such that as John Cole of Avery’s said, it’s a matter of standing up to rather than matching a wine. He also advised me that for ‘complementary flavours you should look to something like an aged Madeira, perhaps with some sweetness but again with good acidity and a nutty, oxidative character.
A mature Vouvray with some sweetness would be another interesting match.
He also recommended The white Burgundy by Nicolas Potel and the Cuvee Solitierre from Thierry Germain.
If you haven’t tried Epoisse before, you have no idea what you are missing.

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