Welsh Rarebit with a Dutch Twist by M. Kuehn

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Posh cheese on toast. Delicious and de rigeur the morning after the night before.

Although most recipes call for mature cheddar, I’ve used aged Gouda for this recipe.
Make sure your guests are ready to gorge on this the minute they come out from under the grill.

I’ve served this as a cheese course which worked very nicely – pass the port.

TIP Make double the quantity needed as you can keep this in the fridge for about ten days. You can also make it ahead of course. You can buy this sublime cheese from Waitrose.

300gr grated Old Amsterdam aged Gouda
4 medium egg yolks
1 flat tbs English mustard powder
8 tbs ale
4 doorsteps of white bread
a few drops of Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp cornflour
black pepper

Place the cheese, mustard and the ale in a pan. Heat gently until the cheese has melted. Now add the Worcestershire sauce and cornflour. Cook for 3 minutes on a gentle heat.

The mixture should start to come away from the pan. Cool slightly. Beat in the egg yolks and refrigerate till needed. Toast the bread on both sides. Spread generously with the mixture and grill on a high heat till golden and bubbling. Finish with a generous grinding of black pepper,

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