Christopher’s Bar and Grill by M. Kuehn

If you find yourself mooching around Covent Garden with no particular culinary plans, I urge you to make time to start your day with brunch at Christopher’s. Only problem is finding anything to do afterwards which will top it. You won’t.

Everything about this classy establishment is the epitome of cool.
The restaurant itself is elegant and spacious – click on the link below to take you straight to the website. The food photography alone is enough to entice you.

Onto the menus. I’ve been to Christopher’s on a number of occasions, so if you can’t make it in time for brunch then you can head to the bar for some fabulous bar snacks and a cocktail. The seared tuna with sweet mustard and wasabi is utterly sublime, but if you want to really indulge yourself, look no further than the lobster sandwich – half a lobster, bacon, lettuce, fried egg and red pepper on toasted brioche. Sheer delight on a plate. Naturally it would be awfully gauche not to order a glass of Laurent Perrier for this rock star food fest. For lovers of carpaccio, try it with sautéed onions, gruyère, cheddar & steak sauce – it’s as  delicious as it sounds.

Like the other menus, brunch is quite extensive and although I am wary of long menus in general, Christopher’s is a rare exception.  Eyes greedily race over the myriad of dishes on offer, but I no longer need to look at what’s available. For me the eggs Benedict with hash brown is one of the finest breakfast experiences in town.

My companion decided to be a bit more adventurous and plumped for the California Huevos, a tortilla with spicy tomato sauce, avocado, fried Eggs & Monterey Jack. That’s the beauty of Christopher’s. You just know that every dish is really well thought out without being too fussy or ponsy.

Not one to normally start imbibing in the mornings, I always start the brunch with a Bloody Mary. I don’t know what they do but all I can say is that it’s spot on.

Whether you’re in town for a leisurely week-end or just a few hours, please drop your original plans and head for this jewel of a restaurant. You’ll thank me for it.

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