Lucky 7 by M. Kuehn

Not wishing
to waste a single, precious second of my last free Saturday before Christmas,
the only way to start a cooking free day was to take myself off for brunch with a pal.
Stepping into Lucky 7 is rather a charming experience. A replica of an East coast diner, this cosy little joint was packed. We grabbed the last two seats and looked at the menu which was above the counter. An impressive looking array of an all American dining experience awaited us – from Huevos Rancheros to Foghorn Leghorn, a chicken burger with Swiss cheese, guacamole, rocket and mustard mayo.
Lucky 7 is famous for its burgers, always served medium rare unless the customer wishes to cremate their meat. I, however wasted no time in choosing the eggs Benedict, my favourite breakfast and my friend chose the ‘healthy’ breakfast, the full Monty with hash browns.
A very handsome plate of eggs, topped with lashings of  Hollondaise sauce was put before me and the hash browns on my pal’s plate were Gargantuan.
Cutting into the very perfectly cooked eggs, double layer of bacon and shiny sauce is a pleasure that cannot be equalled at breakfast time. I am happy to report that it was a damned fine first mouthful and like the pig I am, scoffed the lot in a rather unladylike manner in record time.
Equally as good was the ‘healthy’ breakfast. It’s an odd name, as the amount of saturated fat and carbs are enough to send your cardiologist to the hills. Who gives a stuff anyway. Food is for pleasure. I had a taste of everything and the quality of the sausages and bacon was abundantly obvious. The star of the show, however, were the hash browns.They tasted fantastic – a million miles away from the rather ghastly, cardboard, chewy, greasy offerings that pass for a hash brown in many establishments.
Watching my pal glugging a cream soda for the sake of nostalgia, the whole experience was entirely pleasurable. Simple food, great quality, fast service in a comfortable environment. The bill came to just over £27. Worth every bloody penny.
Lucky 7, 127 Westboune Park Road, London W2 5QL
0207  727 6771

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