Halloumi Cream Dip by M. Kuehn

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The very gracious manager of Antipliler on Green Lanes gave me the method for making this. I’d never heard of this dish so was pretty excited to try it out. It didn’t come out as well as the version I tried in the restaurant, but hey, they’ve been serving it for decades.

In the cafe today I made some chicken and pepper kebabs drizzled with coriander and lemon hummus with a dollop of this on the side.

Serves 4

1 pack of halloumi
4 tbs double cream
boiling water
1/2 roasted red pepper, skinned
1/2 roasted green pepper, skinned
a few mint leaves
a few chili flakes
coarse black pepper

Place the halloumi in a bowl of boiling water for ten minutes to soften. Shove everything into a processor and wizz till smooth. Pour into a serving bowl and drizzle over some  extra virgin olive oil. That’s it. Scoop some up with some warm pide (Turkish bread).

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