Piggy Bank Sauvignon 2012 by M. Kuehn

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I’ve recently been rather miffed at the soaring price of terribly average wine coming in at twenty five quid in restaurants that don’t give a damn about giving value to the customer. Maybe it’s the customers who have too much money – I don’t know but it irks the
hell out of me.

Anyway, my local pub, Le Junction in Harlesden, a stonkingly good place to relax, (and one of the few that I can happily walk into on my own) has a menu of decent wines all selling at seventeen quid a pop.

The above Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is a very decent drop indeed. Intensely aromatic with a wonderful, dry finish, I was suitably wowed at how crisp and fresh it was. 

A superb partner for a plate of oysters, seared scallops or just simply grilled fish, you can also buy it at shop.piggybankwine.com/ for a mere £6.25 a bottle. Now that’s what I call a bargain.

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