Maison Blanc by M. Kuehn

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s this; indulgence should be delved into with gusto and appreciation. Indulgence, should, in fact, be de riguer. Not everyday, all day, but just enough to make you grateful for the very good things in life – and there is little that betters fine wine, craftsmanship at its best and good company.
Nowhere better sums this up  than at Maison Blanc’s deliciously indulgent patisserie. As I entered this Aladdin’s cave of  heavenly cakes I was transported back to Paris and Bordeaux where I studied the art of drinking and eating fine food rather more passionately than absorbing the great works of Flaubert, Descartes and Moliere a million years ago.
The first thing I have to say, and God forgive my ignorance, is that I never knew how well wine and cakes could be paired together. What a blithering idiot I turned out to be. What was put before me not only looked as though Michalengelo had been busy at work, but the wines that were served with these divine creations turned out to be rather splendid.
The star of the show, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind was the ‘signature’ Concerto, a luscious, multi layered chocolate concoction with which I sipped a smooth cotes du Rhone.
If it’s not cake you’re after, however, the savoury menu has plenty of temptations on the menu and resisting the Croques Monsieur was certainly hors de question. A gooey, unctuous, gorgeous mouthful of melted compte cheese and smoked ham served on toasted artisan bread, always the ultimate indulgent snack of my choice.
To add to the evening’s delights, the evening was spent in the garden of the Fulham road branch, a delightful setting with climbing plants, brand new decking and a seated bench, hand crafted to surround the garden’s focal point, a beautiful historic tree.
At this point I must add that the service was impeccable (said in a French accent). Polite, smiling staff dispensed the wine and food with grace and a wonderful demeanour.
What more can I add? If you’re not tempted to hotfoot it to your nearest location, I’m either a bad story teller or you’re an alien from Mars. Je vous Felicite Maison Blanc. Long may you reign.

Maison Blanc Ltd
303 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9QH
020 7795 2663

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