Asian Potato Cakes and Poached Eggs by M. Kuehn

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One of the most popular meals in the cafe is the indulgent lounge cafe breakfast. It consists of spicy potato cakes with poached eggs and salsa. The recipe for the cakes is already on the blog, as is the tomato and coriander salsa but I thought it was worth an additional blog to give you the perfect breakfast combination of spice, creaminess and the tart salsa.

People are a bit scared of poached eggs – I don’t know why. Just follow the steps below and you’ll end up with perfect eggs that will ooze over the potato cakes.

TIP You can also top the cakes with bacon as well as the eggs if you’re a carnivore.
Always use free range or organic eggs.

Perfect Poached Eggs

serves 1

Fill a small saucepan with water, about three quarters of the way up. Add a good few drops of vinegar (I use malt) and when simmering, gently lower the eggs into the pan – I crack them into a small ramekin before lowering them in. If you are using large eggs, simmer for two minutes. medium for one and a half. Take a slotted spoon and carefully remove the eggs, one at a time. Tilt the egg slightly onto kitchen towel to soak up any excess water and then top your cakes with the eggs. It’s that simple. It’s also that delicious.

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