Aldi Marlborough Pinot Noir, New Zealand 2014 by Michael R. Goss

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Aldi continue to amaze me with their excellent, exquisite selection of wines from around the world. New Zealand, already famous for its superb Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc now produces some excellent Pinot Noir which has a deserved reputation that improves with every vintage. This wine from Marlborough which is blessed with a similar terroir and climate to Burgundy in France, the home of classic Pinot Noir.

Light, pale crimson with supreme clarity in the glass. Close your eyes and breathe it in! It has delicate nose, light and cheery with a notes of fragrant plum, cherry and strawberry gently kissed by plump raspberries ripening under a hot sun.

To my taste it’s smoother than a traditional Burgundy Pinot Noir but equal in quality. Rich and complex with a harmonious balance between fruit and acidity and a long savoury finish. It’s a matter of taste, but Pinot can be served lightly chilled, especially in summer; either way it’s very quaffable alone or with food.

I had two bottles of this so bathed chunks of cubed Irish beef overnight with fresh thyme and bayleaf then cooked a rather fabulous rich beef Bourginon accompanied by Jerusalem artichoke mash. The second bottle proved the perfect accompaniment too, along with some freshly baked french bread to mop up.

At only £6.99 this is lovely wine for a fraction of what you would pay for a French Burgundy; so why cook with cheap nasty wine when you can cook with this. Buy a case, cook, drink and enjoy.

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    Interesting. I'll pick up a few. Thanks.

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