Etoile – The Star of Mirabeau by M. Kuehn

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The delightful Mirabeau brand has been showered with awards for the past few years. The distinctive pale hue of Provence rose is now more and more ubiquitous on restaurant menus and in most of the major supermarkets.

I have noticed, however, a very disappointing array of Provence wines that no self respecting Gallic would entertain, along with a host of other known brands that simply don’t stand up to the mark yet rob your wallet.

Then, by stark contrast, there is Etoile, the latest offering from the folk at Mirabeau.
Even paler than the original, it’s a breath taking wine that must only be sipped with the most discerning of friends, served with only the finest sashimi, ceviche or a lobster glistening with clarified butter and Sicilian lemon juice. It’s gorgeous on the nose, the finish has a spectacular tangy acidity to it and it shrieks of elegance.

A star is born indeed.

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