The Perfect Pork Crackling

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It’s nearly April and it’s snowing, but apparently we don’t have a global warming problem. Before I start on a rant, I had better get back to the subject of food, but still in a wintery way. At this time of year I’m normally starting to think about the vibrant colours and tastes that are all about Spring, but sadly they’re a couple of weeks off at least.
So it’s minus 1, the sky is that insipid, dull grey colour that gives off an air of gloom. To the rescue comes a roast for lunch, an organic pork joint that is begging for an unfashionable amount of sea salt and some home made apple sauce.
I have read and watched and experimented in trying to get the perfect crackling, and for the time being, here are the rules for that tooth breaking crackle.
The pork skin must be really dry.
Use a razor sharp knife to score the skin across the joint.
Rub plenty of sea salt into the rind.
The oven should be pre-heated to 220oC
Roast for twenty minutes and then turn the temperature to 160oC and cook for twenty five minutes per 40gr.
Let me know how you got on.

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