Two Year Old Aged Gouda – La Cave A Fromage, Hove by M. Kuehn

A good friend of mine with whom I share a profound love of food had often told me to try aged Gouda – my instincts had told me otherwise – what a bloody doughnut.

Having had the good fortune to indulge my love of cheese in the quite wonderful Aladdin’s cave that is La cave a fromage in Hove, I asked one of the staff members if I could try the oldest Gouda they had in stock.

It was two years old and looked nothing like the plastic, bland brick that you buy in the supermarkets. As soon as it hit my mouth, there was a sharp, tangy explosion that hit me like a train. It was simply delicious and right up my alley.

If you are a lover of aged, hard cheese I have no doubt you will enjoy this hugely. Genitien!

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