The Dukan Diet – The Doolalley Diet by M. Kuehn

The Dukan diet – another of these harsh and frankly unsustainable regimes that will naturally produce the desired weight loss in your first week (up to seven pounds apparently)  with the restricted intake to consist of protein only. How balanced is that? All the meat and fish that you desire? Bonkers. I don’t care if it’s only for a short period of time. It’s not natural for humans to have to take supplements to sustain a healthy body.

Ketones –  the chemicals produced as proteins are metabolised – blah blah bloody blah – yes there is a scientific explanation for the weight loss and I am sure that individuals who want to see very quick results in a very short space of time are delighted by it’s effect. I’d like to talk to them in six months time to see what new crash diet they’re trying.
I find it sad to witness friends who suffer all their lives with a bad relationship with food, unable to get to grips with binge eating and then searching out the latest diets with the fastest results.
Emotional eating has proved to be almost impossible to overcome for so many people. It’s not about hunger and if the human condition could find different coping methods when emotionally stressed it would have miraculous results.
For me, food is about pleasure and I try to eat exactly what I want – whether it’s a fat knacker breakfast or a piece of sea bass with samphire and a green salad. I eat less if what I put in my gob is delicious, that’s for sure. The one thing I do know is that you really have to work hard at staying slim – there is no secret to it. You have to exercise and you have to watch what you eat – applying the eighty twenty rule also makes perfect sense to me. Gay abandon for a fifth of my eating life is a compromise worth pursuing. That or be happy and fat. Aye, there’s the rub.


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