The Ultimate Bloody Mary by M. Kuehn

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Few things in life can  be more civilised than a Bloody Mary. Having devoted an alarming amount of time to perfecting this divine invention, I think I’ve nailed it. Of course, as a trooper I shall carry on experimenting for the foreseeable future and also for the good of mankind.

TIP If you’re feeling lazy, the brand ‘Big Tom’ is the next best thing to making your own Bloody Mary mix.

Triple shot of Belvedere vodka (it’s WELL worth the extra, believe me)
Splash of Tio Pepe Sherry
juice of 1/2 an orange
180 ml top quality tomato juice
Squeeze of lemon juice
4 good dashes of tabasco
6 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
good pinch of celery salt

Place the ice in a tall glass and pour over the vodka and the sherry. Squeeze in the lemon and orange juice, add the tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Finish with the celery salt. Stir well and adjust seasoning if required. Bottoms up.

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