Scrambled Eggs with Pancetta, Cherry Toms and Chives by M. Kuehn

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This is such a comforting breakfast and of course, only the best eggs should be used. These were bought from a hut outside a farm with just an honesty box placed next to them. Warms the cockles of your heart.

Serves 2

5 organic eggs
6 ripe cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped
handful of pancettta lardons
good knob of butter
4 chives, finely chopped
pinch sea salt and black pepper

Mix the eggs in a bowl. Dry fry the pancetta until browned- it will exude a lot of flavoursome oil.

After a minute add the chopped tomatoes and when the pancetta is golden, pour in the eggs and season. Cook until just set, stirring all the time – they should have a slightly wet look to them. Divide into two, place on plates and sprinkle with the chopped chives. Serve with hot, buttered toast and buckets of builders.

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