Is Ethical Shopping Just for the Middle Classes by M. Kuehn



It’s true that that the words ‘farmer’s market’ conger up images of Tarquin and Arabella, he in his salmon coloured trousers and she donning her Prada jeans, queuing up to buy tuna at thirty five quid a kilo and a loaf of bread for three.
Well, there is that element to these markets, it’s unavoidable. However, there are a ton of ways we can all shop and eat more responsibly without breaking the bank.
Firstly, you can eat SEASONALLY. Why? well, it’s cheaper and your food will have a better flavour.  The stats are thoroughly alarming as to the effect that global warming air miles have on food that we import.
Secondly, BUY LOCALLY. We avoid further polluting the world and we support local business. Support your local butcher, buy BRITISH to support our farmers.Where possible, buy organic food. If you don’t have the luxury of your own vegetable patch, ensuring that your food is pesticide and fertiliser free and of the highest of standards are both good for health and for the planet. Before you remonstrate, making small changes, rather than struggling to go completely organic, can easily be achieved. I’ve been teaching people to eat on a budget for a while and a little thought and effort are all that is required to follow a healthy, planet sustaining diet.

Fourthly, buy SUSTAINABLE fish. I have never understood the high sales of cod as opposed to pollock which is so much cheaper. Keep up with the latest information on what fish to buy on the MSC (Marine Steward Council) website.

Lastly, commit to buying fairtrade products, thus ensuring that people are paid a fair wage for their labour. There is NO excuse not to buy tea, coffee and sugar bearing the fairtrade logos as most supermarkets stock them.

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