(Spitting) Feathers in Rickmansworth by M. Kuehn

I’ve been invited to The Feathers three times in the last couple of years, and every time I’ve been, it’s been enviably packed to the gunnels. AND I DON’T GET IT.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all bad. The young staff are energetic, polite, smiley and efficient. The tables are spacious and nicely laid out. Here’s my problem; it’s the inconsistency I can’t handle.

Let’s start with the good though. Here I have to skip all the starters as they were a bit of a disaster all round. My steak was great – rare, delicious and served with a creamy pepper corn sauce and quite fantastic, thick cut, thrice cooked chips (£15.95). The lamb rump was another winner – the meat was tender and beautifully cooked (£15.95). The chicken was passable; nothing terribly interesting about it but wasn’t bad by any means (£13.95). The Malbec was a lovely example of its kind; a chocolatey, plummy, deep wine that was the perfect companion to my steak (£25). A second bottle of South African Cabernet Sauvignon was also fairly quaffable (£17).

This is what irked the hell out of me and my unfortunate vegetarian pal. The veggie ‘pie’, a bland offering of mushrooms and leaks with a potato and applewood cheddar topping was as dull as ditchwater (£12.95). As for the starters, all of us were just plain grumpy with each dish that was served up. The ham hock terrine was served with a measly portion of melba toast and was far too salty (£5.95). I had (3) scallops, supposedly served with a pea puree. In my book pea puree doesn’t mean lightly mashed peas slopped onto the plate and the black pudding was very dull indeed. The whole plate lacked imagination and flare (£7.95). As for the goat’s cheese ‘creme brulee’, it was a creamy, flavourless dip that just shouldn’t have been on the menu (£5.95).

So there you have it. Another ‘bi-polar’ meal. I’m not sure what’s going on but it beats the hell out of me. I remain confused and disappointed and will not be beating a path to this place again.

The Feathers
34 Church Street
01923 770081

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