These are a few of my favourite things by M. Kuehn

The incomparable Maldon Sea Salt
Exquisite Peter’s Yard Sourdough Biscuits
Divine Poilane Bread 
Heavenly Abernethy Butter
Meltingly soft award winning smoked salmon John Ross Jr.
Food Porn – Baked Epoisse 
Duck’s eggs 

When people ask me what my favourite meal is, it’s impossible to give a definitive reply. It depends on the mood, the scenario, the occasion, the people you’re with or if you’re eating solo.
There are times, however, when you just want the simplest, finest ingredients to put together a sumptuous repast and savour every single, slow and deliberate mouthful.
So, here are a few of my favourite things:-

Put on a pan of water to boil, adding a couple of tbs of white wine vinegar. When simmering, crack in two organic duck eggs. Poach for two minutes. Meanwhile, toast two slices of Poilane bread and slather liberally with Abernethy butter. Carefully take out the eggs, one at a time with a slotted spoon and mop up residual water with some kitchen towel. Place gently on the toast, sprinkle on some Maldon sea salt flakes and voila, a sublime snack with luscious ingredients.

Baked Camembert seems to be making a large come back in many bistros. It’s perfect for sharing, is a doddle to serve and let’s face it, if you get it wrong, you need a slap. I, however, love to bake an oozing Epoisse, ( hack off the top of the cheese, bake in the box at 180oC for 15 minutes) serve it with home made tomato and chili chutney (see recipe) and scoop out the cheese with some toasted Poilane. Serve with a meaty Primitivo. Sublime.

There is something rather fine about Peter’s Yard biscuits. They are crunchy, light and hugely enjoyable. They can take on a myriad of flavours but I like to keep it simple by topping these delightful discs with John Ross Jr. smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon juice, some black pepper and a small sprinkling of dill leaves. A very large glass of the fabulous Mirabeau Rose makes the most delightful partner. Share if you have to….. yeah right. – available in various outlets – available in Waitrose – available in Waitrose available in various outlets – available in Waitrose
epoisse is available in various supermarkets including Waitrose and Tesco – available in most supermarkets

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