Night of the Living Red 2019 Redheads Wine by Michael Goss

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Red Heads are unique in the world of wine. This boutique Barosssa winery, completely unfettered by the rigid cultural traditions of the Old World wine regions, are never afraid to try new, exciting and frankly bizarre combinations of grape varietals that would make a Chateau Bordeaux wine maker shudder.

This blood red delight is a blend of grapes ripened in the hot, South Australian sun, which is big on the spicy Durif grape,  cassis scented, Cabernet Sauvignon and Portuguese Tourise National.

The result is a totally mellow and delicious mouthful, bursting with rich, ripe, black fruit and spice with firm tannins, giving a luscious fullness on the palate and a long, lingering velvety finish.

Backed by an inventive Zombie themed marketing campaign, five golds and two 95 point scores, along with a Masters in the Drinks Business blind tasting, it’s no surprise that every limited vintage of this full throttled red sells out every year.

Living Red retails at £21 a bottle, or £18.90 when you mix 12.

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