The Murky World of Sugar by M.Kuehn

Having asked Heinz to send me a letter confirming the source of their information on GDA (guideline daily amounts) of sugar which currently stands at a wapping 90gr if you please, this is letter I received.

Their labels are taken from the ‘Food Information to Consumers Regulation’ – er is that an organisation? I typed the exact words into Google and the first entry to come up was something called Brandbank and I had reached  part of the website that ‘provides advice and information about regulation for all our brand manufacturers and partners’.

Hmm, try again. What a mine field. You would have thought Heinz would have directed me to a specific website but could I find anything easily? Being a technical doughnut I asked someone who was, er not a and yet her search ended up with a similar, quizzical look on her face.

I don’t get it. A nutritionist upholding 90gr of sugar a day?? Even if the majority of it was through natural occurring sugars that’s still far too much in the eyes of the NHS.

How are we ever going to win the war against over consumption of sugar and all the negative health consequences of this hidden enemy if we’re not on the same page. Bonkers.

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